Aimee Wells-Croley (h_weasley) wrote in storiesofhsoww,
Aimee Wells-Croley

Desperatly seeking guidance

Ok, I know there are fic rec sites and such but I am on atime limit and I just can't find what I need so help me if you can.

I am in the process of converting. I have friend who ships Hermione/Snape, that's all she read until now. I convinced her to give Draco/Ginny a shot then Draco/Hermione. She has asked for a list of Draco/hermione recs because she is sort of liking the ship. I have a few but not many. I can't fidn my list of faves because my husband did something to the computer. So, you're mission should you choose to accept it:

Comment here with you're fave Dramione fics.

thanks ever so much
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