Aimee Wells-Croley (h_weasley) wrote in storiesofhsoww,
Aimee Wells-Croley

Desperatly seeking guidance

Ok, I know there are fic rec sites and such but I am on atime limit and I just can't find what I need so help me if you can.

I am in the process of converting. I have friend who ships Hermione/Snape, that's all she read until now. I convinced her to give Draco/Ginny a shot then Draco/Hermione. She has asked for a list of Draco/hermione recs because she is sort of liking the ship. I have a few but not many. I can't fidn my list of faves because my husband did something to the computer. So, you're mission should you choose to accept it:

Comment here with you're fave Dramione fics.

thanks ever so much
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Draco Malfoy: Amazing, Bouncing...Rat?

Once Upon A Thyme

The Blood of the Dragon

Scales and a Tail

...I might be back with more. This is all I could get my hands on quickly.
Hiya -- I am in the middle of a HUGE big ass rec list for all sorts of het ships in HP and I have a bunch of Dramione fans helping out (since I don't read Dramione) So far I have quite a few -- and I promise they are all rec'd by avid fans of Dramione who KNOW I'll never read them to make sure they don't suck so they've promised the best. Here's the link to my table -- but keep in mind that I'm going to update it regularly with more and more fics...

Big-Ass Rec List